Factory-direct supplier of FDA Approved, CDC Tested, CE Certified PPE. MDEL Licenced Health Canada approved medical supplier. CONTACT US at 416-580-7846 for volume pricing and ordering details.

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FrontlinePPE is a full-service, experienced sourcing and importing team of professionals. We have been partnering with overseas manufacturers for over 30 years.

Our clients are supported by our sales offices in Canada and our procurement, logistics and inspection offices in Singapore and Shanghai. Through their exclusive arrangement, FrontLinePPE and All New International PTE Ltd., together bring quality, affordable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the civilian and medical population throughout North America and Europe. 

Our medical grade, FDA Approved manufacturing facilities cover 220,000 Sq m with over 2,000 professionals including multiple Class 100.000 and 300.000 Cleanrooms, modern logistics and storage facilities.  Our products are inspected, tested regularly and certified in alignment with global safety and performance standards. 
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