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7 Reasons to Buy PPE Factory-Direct

Here are 7 reasons to buy direct from our qualified, certified and government-approved factories.  These advantages are typically unavailable when you work with retailers or distributors.

  1. LOWER PRICE ADVANTAGE: Factory-direct products cost less. If you have middlemen such as retailers and distributors, they have numerous expenses that they must pass on to buyers such as funding their local warehouses, their sales, administration employees, marketing and transportation costs. Distributors typically add 30% or more to prices to cover their operational costs.
  1. GET TODAY’S BEST PRICE: PPE prices have been fluctuating. Today, you are able to buy at current prices which have been dropping as there is less global panic buying. If you acquire product from a distributor that warehoused products in country, it’s possible the costs are higher as they were ordered during a more expensive buying period.
  1. KNOW THE SOURCE: You are able to use the services of an independent, professional inspection organization to visit our factories and test the merchandise before shipping, giving you true confidence that the products you receive meet all your government standards for health and quality product. You know the source.
  1. LONGEST BEST BEFORE DATES: PPE such as Masks have an expiry date. If an item comes directly from one of our factories they are made just prior to shipping, giving you more time to use. This consideration holds greater importance when you order goods in bulk to take advantage of prices when they drop.
  1. PRODUCT INTEGRITY MAINTAINED: Factory-direct items have been stored in fewer places, decreasing the likelihood that they’ve been exposed to extreme temperatures or absorbed unpleasant odors when they sit in warehouses or stores for long periods of time. Occasionally warehoused items smell like the cleaning fluids that workers use in such buildings. Not good for masks!
  1. UNIQUE PRODUCT OFFERINGS: With the FrontlinePPE factory direct relationship, you are able to customize products such as our industrial linens and reusable face masks to align with your specific needs, color preferences and company branding.
  1. BETTER FOR ENVIRONMENT: Merchandise typically has a smaller environmental impact when ordered directly from factories as they are transported directly to you, requiring less transportation and warehouse impact.
  1. BONUS BENEFIT: Whether you are new to importing or have been managing international purchases for years, you will find benefit in working with our Logistics team to help bring your product to you stress-free and economically.  We will keep you informed through each stage of transport and even send you photos when your goods trade hands from the factory to the various transportation steps!  That is a FrontlinePPE bonus benefit to help make your factory-direct experience positive.

To sum it up, factory-direct buying from FrontlinePPE delivers your company many benefits.  Most importantly, prices are lower, and your PPE merchandise meets safety standards because you are able to trace and test at source. 

How does Factory-Direct work?

Product discussions and proposals are handled by our FrontlinePPE team members, who are located in Canada, USA, Europe and the Caribbean.

We can introduce you to our “boots on the ground” team in Shanghai and our corporate office personnel in Singapore (for China factories) and Germany (for our Pakistan factories) who oversee the factories, manage the English communications and handle the financial transactions. You are welcome to work with our factory leads directly, or with your FrontlinePPE representative.

Your purchase order and financial transactions are factory - direct with the manufacturer representatives in Singapore (disposable PPE), Germany (reusable PPE) and Canada (sanitizer) – that is how you secure the best pricing!

Shipping and ownership terms vary by country:

China and Pakistan– Ex-Works (EXW)

This is one of the most basic shipping arrangements.  Goods are made available at the factory.  Either your own freight forwarder, or one we recommend to you, picks up the goods at the factory, manages all export and import documentation and transports them to your destination.  All cost and risk of transportation including customs clearance and insurance are with the buyer.  Note that with our recommended freight forwarder, Tri-Ad International, we have 100% success track record with all shipments arriving on time without issue.  We will provide a contact for you to work directly with should you not have your own freight forwarder, and FrontlinePPE can manage the entire transportation process for you as an added-value, no charge service.

North America – Free on Board (FOB)

Free on board (FOB) is a common Incoterm where the cost and risk of the goods pass from factory to buyer when the product leaves the warehouse. The buyer bear all cost of shipping and risks of loss or damage to the goods from that point onwards.

Our Factories:

Disposable PPE (China)

FrontlinePPE represents only select government approved factories in China where we have “boots on the ground” in Singapore and Shanghai to communicate directly with the factories.  

Reusable PPE (Pakistan)

Our factories are in Pakistan, the fourth largest global grower of cotton.  The factories harvest their cotton, then process and manufacture all our industrial textiles.  Managed by a German family who work directly within the factories, we are assured of quality engineering and operational control, providing best pricing and quality.

Sanitizers (North America)

FrontlinePPE offers alcohol and alcohol-free sanitizers that are manufactured in Canada and warehoused in Canada and the USA.  The products are Health Canada and FDA approved.